Europa Cup

The competition will take place this year in Czech Republic from 31st of August till 5th of September.

The event is oganized by the International Floris Organisation and it takes place every 4 years.

Only by visiting you can get to know various trends in floristry and, moreover, is an important source of innovation in floral design. Just check the event program to see what you can get.

I know it’s worth to schedule a trip for this event, just take a look on the participant conditions:

“One florist of each European country is allowed to take part in the contest. By way of exception, florists from non-European countries may also be accepted, if desired. In that case applications should be addressed to the Direction Committee of FLORINT directly.
The contestants shall be nominated by the national florist associations; members of FLORINT. In countries where there is more than one member association, these associations should agree on the contestant or organise a mutual competition. In countries where there is no member organisation of FLORINT, the Fleurop-Interflora Unit of the country concerned or another organisation of professional florists may apply for a place. These applications should also be addressed to the Direction Committee of FLORINT.”

It’s a good idea to have a look also on the list of previous winners.

1967Ueli SyFrigSwitzerland
1969Kirsten EcklowNorway
1971Walter HausermannZwitzerland
1973Jacques ToebaertBelgium
1975Koos ZuidgeestNetherlands
1978Gregor LerschGermany
1980Jacky SerruysBelgium
1981Jörgen BirchlerSwitzerland
1983Herman van den BurgNetherlands
1986Kristian VorelandNorway
1988Cathie ErhartFrance
1991Karl ZuberSwitzerland
1995Tor GundersenNorway
1999Monika NielandGermany
2003Torbjörn AkessonNorway
2007Nadine WeckardtGermany

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