soap natural colors

I love colors, so I always try to obtain a hue as intense as possible in my soaps. Take note that I’m not going to use any ingredients that are artificially produced. So I only look what nature has to offer.

Most of the oils will give you a final color that ranges from milk white to beige to light braun, maybe some shades of green. Here are other oils or ingredients that you can add to the recipe to influence the color. Read more

olive soap

OliveSoapAs I have mentioned before, I’ve started reading, studying and experimenting with soap making because I care about what I’m using for my child’s hygiene and because I know that dirty will be the daily norm once he starts walking and exploring.
For a child’s first years, I believe it is important for his sensitive skin that I use simple, basic products when it comes it comes to hygiene. I’ve shared below one of the easiest soap recipes that I’ve used so far. Read more

Xmas nuts

I have to thank my grandmother for spending a lot of time with me and my curiosity when I was a kid. Most of my crafting knowledge and skills I have because of her, and I am very thankful that she’s always fueled my creativity.

To hang a nut in a Xmas tree is easy, just follow the pictures and let your imagination do the choosing for the needle, nail, bow, or whether you want it painted or maybe wrapped and the list can go on.

old fashion easter eggs

easterEggsThere’s something that’s never missing from an Easter celebration: the beautiful red painted eggs. They are a symbol and also a joy for this christian celebration.

I remember when my mom started to use different color products that were available on the market after the communism period and although they made the eggs brighter and shiny… I never really liked them because the egg white also got colored in the process.

I’m sure that all the chemicals contained in the pigment also get in our stomach, so for my family I decided to turn back to what mom and me learned from grandma and use dried onion leaves.
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