soap natural colors

I love colors, so I always try to obtain a hue as intense as possible in my soaps. Take note that I’m not going to use any ingredients that are artificially produced. So I only look what nature has to offer.

Most of the oils will give you a final color that ranges from milk white to beige to light braun, maybe some shades of green. Here are other oils or ingredients that you can add to the recipe to influence the color. Read more

old fashion easter eggs

easterEggsThere’s something that’s never missing from an Easter celebration: the beautiful red painted eggs. They are a symbol and also a joy for this christian celebration.

I remember when my mom started to use different color products that were available on the market after the communism period and although they made the eggs brighter and shiny… I never really liked them because the egg white also got colored in the process.

I’m sure that all the chemicals contained in the pigment also get in our stomach, so for my family I decided to turn back to what mom and me learned from grandma and use dried onion leaves.
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DIY nail polish shelves

Hi everyone. I am erseka’s husband and I help around with some of her projects.  If you’ve been following erseka and reading up on her posts, you know very well how much she likes to do her nails.

Naturally, the problem of how to store and organize all her nail polish came up one day. She wanted something that could be mounted on the wall in our bedroom closet.

We did some searching and found the Ikea hack idea with Ribba frame holders but decided not to use them as the small bottles kept sliding and wanting to tumble or even fall.
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handmade soap

cucumber-soap-recipeLately I’m checking all the products that I use in my daily care. Maybe because I also know that the skin absorbs almost 40% of the substances that gets in contact with it or because in the future I will have to know what is best for the sensitive skin of the small one that is to come. Most probably I will soon write down some posts about the recipes that I’ve already tried for my body oils and natural masks to clean my skin, but until then I will try to track the steps I make to produce my own soap.

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ikea hack: chalkboard

chalkboardI wanted to have a place for short notes in my kitchen and did a bit of research on the topic.

Because my husband loves coffee the initial notes board became a bigger challenge and now, besides having to fit it above our bar table, it also had to be large enough for both his coffee menu and my shopping list.

In the end our new board actually had a proffesional look. A cool and lazy detail was using a motion sensor plug for turning on the light – very handy for a sleepy husband searching for the coffee machine in the morning.
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make your own bio Christmas tree

Winter season is here and soon we will also  enjoy the holiday spirit. Until then I challenge you to take a walk in the park and gather everything that catches your eyes. It could be dog roses, different types of tree cones or nuts. And you could also cut some citrus: oranges, mandarins or even lime and lemons so that you get different shape and colours, and leave them on a paper to dry. You can see down what I have gathered till now:

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clean your boots for Saint Nicholas

The holiday spirit is coming to life. I had this project in mind since last week, but didn’t find the proper boots for it, so I spent most of the time searching for raining boots and finally ended up with a boot shaped flowerpot.

It’s a tradition in my country to clean the boots the night before Saint Nicholas and to wait and see if you were rewarded with gifts or if you were so “naughty” in the past year that you just got a rod. I thought that this could be easily  transposed in a very nice flower arrangement. Here is the outcome:

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