unusual and creative flower containers

I’m always searching the internet for new sources of inspiration to satisfy my curiosity and passion for the wonderful world of flowers.

Pinterest is one of these sources. I enjoy it a lot because of how easy it is to browse so many ideas and visuals at once. I found myself lately collecting a lot of interesting and creative ways to grow plants and reuse different objects as flower pots.

Below are some photos from my board ‘flower containers‘:

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blog in work

They say that “technology is the source of growth!”
I’m newbie in this blogging field so please give me some time to discover were is the problem on me blog platform.

Later edit:
We’ve managed to solve most of the issues. I hope that my wonderful boyfriend will soon solve also the image gallery issue and promise to come back in force with a project for Saint Nicholas.

how to impress with your bouquet

I found a good advice video while searching for techniques used in flower arrangements. I think it’s useful for anyone who wants to make a good impression or to choose the best flower combination for a bouquet.

I agree with this information till step 5, were a good florist will give the final touch of the bouquet exactly with greens that they advice you to take out.