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  1. cucumber and lemon soap

    cucumberI have promised that I will write about my first experience with soap making and share with you the recipe.
    So, even after trying more then 8 different soap recipes, my favourite still remains the first one.

    Here’s what you will need for the cucumber and lemon soap:
    Base oils:
    250g olive oil
    250g macadamia nut oil
    250g coconut oil
    250g shea butter
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  2. soap natural colors

    I love colors, so I always try to obtain a hue as intense as possible in my soaps. Take note that I’m not going to use any ingredients that are artificially produced. So I only look what nature has to offer.

    Most of the oils will give you a final color that ranges from milk white to beige to light braun, maybe some shades of green. Here are other oils or ingredients that you can add to the recipe to influence the color. Continue reading →

  3. soap tips and tricks

    Here’s some stuff that I’ve learned during my soap making adventures that you might find useful. Continue reading →

I love a lot to travel and to enjoy the surroundings… so in case you’re planning a visit to Germany or Romania here is where I’ve been(text only in romanian language for the moment):

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