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  1. olive soap

    OliveSoapAs I have mentioned before, I’ve started reading, studying and experimenting with soap making because I care about what I’m using for my child’s hygiene and because I know that dirty will be the daily norm once he starts walking and exploring.
    For a child’s first years, I believe it is important for his sensitive skin that I use simple, basic products when it comes it comes to hygiene. I’ve shared below one of the easiest soap recipes that I’ve used so far. Continue reading →

  2. handmade soap

    cucumber-soap-recipeLately I’m checking all the products that I use in my daily care. Maybe because I also know that the skin absorbs almost 40% of the substances that gets in contact with it or because in the future I will have to know what is best for the sensitive skin of the small one that is to come. Most probably I will soon write down some posts about the recipes that I’ve already tried for my body oils and natural masks to clean my skin, but until then I will try to track the steps I make to produce my own soap.

    Continue reading →

I love a lot to travel and to enjoy the surroundings… so in case you’re planning a visit to Germany or Romania here is where I’ve been(text only in romanian language for the moment):

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