simply design

  1. autumn pumpkin

    There is nothing more beautiful than the nature in autumn season. Each year I want to have those wonderful colours also in my home, therefore this time I had the idea to change the container of my arrangement with a natural pumpkin.
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  2. how to make flower tiaras

    One of the most used techniques is the wiring.
    It can be used for so many different reasons: to extend de length of a flower, adding leafs, corsages, flower bracelets, tiaras or the mechanism of different arrangements.

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  3. bracelet for the maid of honor

    Usually a florist will use a pearl bracelet or a ribbon as support for a flower corsage.
    I used the wiring technique to form new stems for the flowers. My innovation was making the bracelet with the long wires used in the stems. I’ve covered them with flower tape and wrapped around my hand.

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