There is nothing more beautiful than the nature in autumn season. Each year I want to have those wonderful colours also in my home, therefore this time I had the idea to change the container of my arrangement with a natural pumpkin.

Take the pumpkin, cut the top and carve out the insides so that you can use it as a container. Put the plastic bag inside the pumpkin to avoid leakage of water or putrefaction. Afterwards introduce the flower sponge that was already watered and you now have the proper container for your flowers. As an interesting piece in your arrangement you can insert between your flowers the top of the pumpkin.

What you need for this project:
1 pumpkin
your favourite autumn flowers
1 flower sponge
1 plastic bag

See below the pictures I’ve made to some pumpkin arrangements I’ve made this autumn:

Later edit:

Here is one good video that I found after I made my first pumpkin arrangement: