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The holiday spirit is coming to life. I had this project in mind since last week, but didn’t find the proper boots for it, so I spent most of the time searching for raining boots and finally ended up with a boot shaped flowerpot.

It’s a tradition in my country to clean the boots the night before Saint Nicholas and to wait and see if you were rewarded with gifts or if you were so “naughty” in the past year that you just got a rod. I thought that this could be easily ¬†transposed in a very nice flower arrangement. Here is the outcome:

What you need for this project:
1 apple
2 tangerines
4 nuts
1 curly stick
dried oranges
some dog-rose
1 aster branch
2 gerbera
some fir branches(with cones)
1 candle
1 toy(hand made horse)
1 gift box
2 candy canes
container(raining boot or flowerpot)

You can make any changes you want in your arrangement. Maybe you like other colours than the ones I’ve chosen.
Check here the technique I’ve used for the fruits:

Here is an arrangement made in a pair of raining boots: