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The main reason why I started this blog was the leak of information and practical courses available in my city.I couldn’t find tools to fuel my hobby in offline, so I started to search for videos and articles through internet.

I found out last week about a floral workshop that took place in Bucharest and went to attend it to learn more. Here is my outcome:

Like any other lesson it has it’s good sides and bad sides. I’m not going to write about the bad ones because all of them are related to the way this workshop was delivered. But I’ll share with you some techniques I’ve learned there.

1. Florist knife – In order to cut with ease the stem of flower and greenery. Hold the stem firmly in one hand with the stem facing you. Then cut the bottom of the stem downward at a 45-degree angle.
2. Bow – It will always take the eyes if is made proper. So here is a basic video:

3. Flower gloss – If you want to add a nice final touch to your arrangement use a floral gloss spray and you will refresh the colours of your arrangement.