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I thought it will be great to have a beautiful table arrangement for Christmas dinner. For my project I used a very known Christmas colour combination: green-red-white. But if you like other ones or want to have an eccentric arrangement, just choose other elements than mine.

What you need for this project:
flower pot
1 candle
2 red roses
1 white chrysanthemum
dog roses fruits
fir branches
large leaves
flower sponge
tree cones

After you water the sponge, cut it in such a way that a part of it will remain outside your flower pot.
Then insert a stick in the bottom of your candle. You can use the length of the stick to place the candle directly on the sponge surface or a bit higher.
After you have decided were to insert the candle, you should start adding you fir branches. Remove the fir needles from the stem area that will be inserted in the sponge and cut the stem at an angle. Use as many branches as you need in order to cover the opening of the flower pot, and insert also some in the middle but not too many in case you want to also use flowers in your arrangement.
Next in line are your biggest elements: the large leaves, flowers, tree cones and a bow(if you want to use one). Leave the small items at the end.

You can find here another interesting Christmas table arrangement: