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chalkboardI wanted to have a place for short notes in my kitchen and did a bit of research on the topic.

Because my husband loves coffee the initial notes board became a bigger challenge and now, besides having to fit it above our bar table, it also had to be large enough for both his coffee menu and my shopping list.

In the end our new board actually had a proffesional look. A cool and lazy detail was using a motion sensor plug for turning on the light – very handy for a sleepy husband searching for the coffee machine in the morning.

Here are some of the previous ideas, that I might consider for future projects:

If you want to find out more about them, just have a look at the original pin from my Pinterest board.

What you need to make the board:

  • ikea ribba frame– choose the size that fits your needs, but preferably a frame with glass not plastic
  • ikea ribba light
  • chalkboard paint
  • small roller

  • Step by step:

    1. put the frame glass/plexiglas on a paper
    2. you need at least two layers of paint
    3. to get a uniform surface use horizontal swipes for the first layer and vertical swipes for the second
    4. only apply the new layer after the previous one has dried
    5. when the surface is uniform and dry just assemble the light and frame according to instructions
    6. mount the frame on the wall …and then enjoy drawing your new projects ideas