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cucumber-soap-recipeLately I’m checking all the products that I use in my daily care. Maybe because I also know that the skin absorbs almost 40% of the substances that gets in contact with it or because in the future I will have to know what is best for the sensitive skin of the small one that is to come. Most probably I will soon write down some posts about the recipes that I’ve already tried for my body oils and natural masks to clean my skin, but until then I will try to track the steps I make to produce my own soap.

First of all I’m still documenting the process, and you can also read here some good articles that I’ve found in my research:

Because I love how my skin is reacting to cucumber, I also decided which soap recipe I will try first. For the ones that don’t speak german I will translate the recipe in a future post.

…so I will continue writing when all items on my “required tools” list for soap crafting have been checked:

  1. kitchen scale with a 1g precision level
  2. 2 bowls for stirring and mixing
  3. at least one thermometer(preferably 2)
  4. protection gloves
  5. safety glasses
  6. apron
  7. 2 wooden spoons
  8. measuring cup
  9. mixer
  10. soap silicones molds