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easterEggsThere’s something that’s never missing from an Easter celebration: the beautiful red painted eggs. They are a symbol and also a joy for this christian celebration.

I remember when my mom started to use different color products that were available on the market after the communism period and although they made the eggs brighter and shiny… I never really liked them because the egg white also got colored in the process.

I’m sure that all the chemicals contained in the pigment also get in our stomach, so for my family I decided to turn back to what mom and me learned from grandma and use dried onion leaves.

What you will need:

  • eggs
  • dried onion leaves
  • pot
  • * in case you want to also apply a pattern on the egg, add the following to your list:

    • your favorite pattern(leaves or flowers) – I chose the clover
    • a pair of old/broken women stockings. By all means, use sexy new ones if you wish to!
    • a strong sewing thread
    • scissors

Step by step:
* steps in italic font are to be ignored if you only want to color your eggs without a pattern

  1. take an egg and place one of the leaves/flowers on top
  2. fix the leaf/flower to the egg by wrapping both in a piece of stocking
  3. tighten the stocking by twisting it on the opposite side of the leaf/flower
  4. tie the stocking with thread so it does not unwrap
  5. repeat for all the eggs that you wish to paint
  6. put the onion leaves in the pot. I used the dried layers from 3-5 onions
  7. place the unboiled eggs over them and pour water to cover everything
  8. let them boil at low fire for 20-30 minutes
  9. take out one egg at a time, remove the stocking and use it to also remove the leaf or flower
  10. apply a bit of oil or fat on the eggs to make them shine and to fix the color

All that’s left is to arrange the eggs however you wish.

* you will get different colors according to what type of onions you use. Regular onions usually give a brown shade while the red onions give a burgundy or purple-ish tone
* don’t worry about finding a four leaf clover. Just make one using an extra petal. The stocking will hold it in place