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OliveSoapAs I have mentioned before, I’ve started reading, studying and experimenting with soap making because I care about what I’m using for my child’s hygiene and because I know that dirty will be the daily norm once he starts walking and exploring.
For a child’s first years, I believe it is important for his sensitive skin that I use simple, basic products when it comes it comes to hygiene. I’ve shared below one of the easiest soap recipes that I’ve used so far.

500g olive oil
168g water
62g lye

How to make the soap:

  1. measure all the ingredients
  2. make sure you have proper protection for your hands, arms, body and eyes and that you work in a ventilated area
  3. when creating your lye solution, always pour the lye into the water and not vice-versa, and continue mixing the lye solution till the salt is blended with the water.
  4. check that the oil and lye solution are both at around 40 degrees Celsius. if so, pour the lye over the oil while mixing with a blender.
  5. when you reach the point where the mixture is getting the consistency of a pudding, you can pour the “pudding” into your molds
  6. after 24h you can remove the soap from the mold and cut it
  7. the olive soap needs more time to cure, so let it rest for at last 6 weeks before using it


  • It is very important for me that I use a good quality unrefined cold pressed olive oil
  • to boost the olive proprieties you can add 2 table spoons of mashed olives at the end
  • in case a fragrance is wanted, for this quantity you need 10g of the essential oil