cucumberI have promised that I will write about my first experience with soap making and share with you the recipe.
So, even after trying more then 8 different soap recipes, my favourite still remains the first one.

Here’s what you will need for the cucumber and lemon soap:
Base oils:
250g olive oil
250g macadamia nut oil
250g coconut oil
250g shea butter

Lye solution:
250g milk(I used goat milk)
133g NaOH

Essential oils:
20g lemon

80g smashed cucumber

How to make:

  1. freeze the milk, otherwise the it will burn or curdle when mixed with the lye
  2. measure all the ingredients
  3. melt the solid fats. try to do this at low temperatures, the higher you heat the oils the more they loose their good properties
  4. add the liquid oils
  5. make sure you have your skin and eyes protected
  6. when creating your lye solution, very slowly pour the lye into the frozen milk, a small amount at a time, and continue mixing the lye solution until it has properly blended
  7. check that the oil and lye solutions are under 40 degrees celsius. if so, pour the lye over the oils while mixing with a blender
  8. when the mixture starts to have the consistence of a pudding add the cucumber and the essential oil
  9. you can now pour the “pudding” into the molds
  10. after 24h you can remove the soap from the molds and cut it
  11. let the soap cure for 3-6 weeks before using it

Notes from my beginner experience:

  • I do not recommend that you start with a milk soap. instead it might be easier to try this one out first
  • don’t use small molds for your first soap. if the soap thickens too fast you will no longer be able to pour it or you can end up with imperfect bars
  • decide before starting if you want to have a jellied soap or not. read here about the jelly phase of the soap

I have to give credit where credit is due. Although I have played and experimented a lot until I reached the soaps that I currently make, the initial inspiration for my first recipes came from