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Xmas nuts

I have to thank my grandmother for spending a lot of time with me and my curiosity when I was a kid. Most of my crafting knowledge and skills I have because of her, and I am very thankful that she's always fueled my creativity. To hang a nut in a Xmas tree is easy,...

paste cu mozzarela

Ingrediente: 250g penne 1 cană roşii cerry 1 buc. ardei gras 1 buc. ceapă medie/mică 1 buc. căţel de usturoi 2 buc. crenguţe de busuioc 1 EL măsline negre(sau mai multe, după gust) 1 buc. bulgăre de mozzarela Mod preparare: roşiile tăiate în două şi ardeii bucăţele se...

old fashion easter eggs

There's something that's never missing from an Easter celebration: the beautiful red painted eggs. They are a symbol and also a joy for this christian celebration. I remember when my mom started to use different color products that were available on the market after...


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