I love colors, so I always try to obtain a hue as intense as possible in my soaps. Take note that I’m not going to use any ingredients that are artificially produced. So I only look what nature has to offer.

Most of the oils will give you a final color that ranges from milk white to beige to light braun, maybe some shades of green. Here are other oils or ingredients that you can add to the recipe to influence the color.

Orange tones

  • easy to obtain a light orange tone if you use carrot juice as liquid for your lye. remember to respect the recommendation I made in tips and tricks about the lye making process
  • If you use palm root oil in proportion of 20% or more, you can get a nice rich orange

Red tones

  • put 2 table spoons of paprika in 100ml sunflower oil for 2weeks. use the obtained colored oil after filtering from remaining powder. I’ve obtained light pink tones with this combination as additive in my soap recipe
  • slice in dices one avocado. pour your lye solution over the avocado and let it rest for 24h. heat the lye solution to become liquid and use a sieve to remove de avocado dices. adjust the oils amount according to your remaining lye solution. you will obtain a dark red – burgundy color

Brown tones

  • my husband and I love coffee and that is why this ingredient is not missing from my soap recipes. now, the stronger the coffee used in your lye solution the darker the color of the soap will be. don’t forget to freeze the coffee before making your lye solution. see tips and tricks
  • a spotted brown can be obtained if coffee is used as exfoliant