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  1. unusual and creative flower containers

    I’m always searching the internet for new sources of inspiration to satisfy my curiosity and passion for the wonderful world of flowers.

    Pinterest is one of these sources. I enjoy it a lot because of how easy it is to browse so many ideas and visuals at once. I found myself lately collecting a lot of interesting and creative ways to grow plants and reuse different objects as flower pots.

    Below are some photos from my board ‘flower containers‘:

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  2. make your own bio Christmas tree

    Winter season is here and soon we will also  enjoy the holiday spirit. Until then I challenge you to take a walk in the park and gather everything that catches your eyes. It could be dog roses, different types of tree cones or nuts. And you could also cut some citrus: oranges, mandarins or even lime and lemons so that you get different shape and colours, and leave them on a paper to dry. You can see down what I have gathered till now:

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  3. Xmas candle

    I thought it will be great to have a beautiful table arrangement for Christmas dinner. For my project I used a very known Christmas colour combination: green-red-white. But if you like other ones or want to have an eccentric arrangement, just choose other elements than mine.

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  4. clean your boots for Saint Nicholas

    The holiday spirit is coming to life. I had this project in mind since last week, but didn’t find the proper boots for it, so I spent most of the time searching for raining boots and finally ended up with a boot shaped flowerpot.

    It’s a tradition in my country to clean the boots the night before Saint Nicholas and to wait and see if you were rewarded with gifts or if you were so “naughty” in the past year that you just got a rod. I thought that this could be easily  transposed in a very nice flower arrangement. Here is the outcome:

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  5. candle

    I made this flower arrangement for the baptism ceremony of a boy:

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